What I learned about myself while walking on the beach I my last visit to Cook

Do you live on the coast or inland?  Do you live in the mountains or on a plain?

I’ve always lived near the coast and I find that I feel more like me as spend
more time near the beach.

So in day 6 of a recent trip to the Cook Islands, I could feel myself
blossoming, really exploding from my shell!

It felt like I had been suffocating the real me for years.

I was buried in the muck, dirt and grime of decisions, expectations, family
names, skin color, ranks, levels and all of the daily crap.

Each splash of the surf, erased that muck.

Until there was only me left.

What is the real me?

The real me is connected to the rest of the world, not sitting in front of my
The real me loves to read and listen, not perform or rant.
I really enjoy figuring it out, but once deciphered, I get bored.
I want to know the answers but not do the deed.
I love the puppies and the babies, for they have little real will.
I love to accomplish more, climb higher, ride faster.
I love grass, but not sand.
It is remarkable that I love the beach as much as I do because I so hate sand
because of all the places that sand can go.
I love quiet.  I need quiet.  I thrive in quiet.
Noise makes me angry.  No, not even lowercase angry.  Big, bold, uppercase ANGRY!

Noise 13753276_s

Other people are noise.
The first marriage is noise.
Crappy products are noise.
Clutter is noise.
Expectations are noise.
Demands are noise.
Wanting is noise.
Frustration is noise.
Unfairness and racism is noise.
War is noise.
Hatred is noise.
Fake friends are noise.
People out for themselves are noise.
Aren’t we all noise.
Lies are noise.

So as I walked on the beach, I became truth and love and light and quiet and
peace and knowing.

I became the real me.

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