Cook Islands are an island country with only about 92 square miles of land spread over 15 small islands.
The Cook Islands’ exclusive Economic Zone covers more than 690,000 square miles, mostly ocean.
About 14,000 islanders live on the main island of Rarotonga.
And even more Cook islanders, about 60,000, live in New Zealand.
The islands were formed by volcanic eruptions and as such, the terrain is quite rough and uneven.
But it also what makes the islands particularly beautiful.
This exquisite beauty and tropical climate drives the largest industry – tourism.
Over 100,000 tourists visit the island in any given year.  This makes it the largest industry over the exportation of pearls and fruits.
Cook Islands’ is also making quite a name for itself in the offshore banking world and mostly US investors seek to protect their epic wealth for heavy taxation in their home country.
The laws make it a friendly place to locate your wealth.
So as you can tell, the transportation here is impacted by:
1.  The size of the islands.  They are small and very spread out across a sometimes tumultuous ocean.  This lends itself to boating. Cars and boats are also used to get around the island.
2. The vast amount of ocean that must be covered.  This also means boats are a sure necessity.
3. The weather is typically mild and tropical.  From time to time, the Islands are impacted by tropical storms.
4. The terrain of the islands is rough and mountainous.  Bicycling will work around towns but certain parts of the islands require automobiles.
5. The large tourism industry is a key part of the inventory.  Tourists want comfort and ease while on vacation.  Automobiles and boating are their top choices while visiting the islands.
6. A haven for offshore wealth.  The level of wealth of the visiting investors who are seeking to hide their enormous wealth in offshore accounts.
So as you plan your trip to tropical locations or even major cities in well developed countries, factor in your needs as well as the common trends in the location.
They might have a tremendous impact on what you are able to do during your visit.